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Quectel is a professional supplier of wireless modules and GSM/GPRS, GPS tracking devices. The Company provides high quality GPS tracking devices for personal tracking, asset tracking and vehicle tracking.
Quectel module products are used for automotive, smart metering, control and monitoring, tracking and tracing, payment, security, and many other M2M (machine to machine) products.
Based on  their strong R&D team with rich experience on M2M application, they also provide OEM/ODM service on cellular M2M products.
Quectel is going to develop its products from 2G to 3G, and from cellular module and GPS module to other wireless modules like BT and Zigbee

Elina Micro is an authorized distributor of Quectel in Israel.

Product Range

GSM Module
Bullet 3 M10
Bullet 3 M12
Bullet 3 M16
Bullet 3 M20
Bullet 3 M33
Bullet 3 M62

GPS Modole
Bullet 3 L10

 GSM/GPS Tracker
Bullet 3 GL 100
Bullet 3 GV 100
Bullet 3 GT 200
Bullet 3 GT 300
Bullet 3 GS 200


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