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M33 GSM/GPRS Camera Module

The M33 is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS module with 8-bit CCIR656, CMOS camera sensor interface which supports YUV422/YUV411/ YUV420 data format and up to 300K pixels CMOS camera input. It can be embedded in security device to implement photo taking, JPEG compression and MMS transfer.

Camera Interface
300K pixels CMOS camera JPEG picture, AVI video

SD Card Interface
2GB, 350Kbps

Audio Interface
2 analog, 1 Digital

GPRS Multi-slot Class

Extremely Low Consumption
1.81mA @ DRX=5


7.5 gr

Operating Temperature
-45 °c to 85°c

GSM Camera Alarm System
 Bullet 3 Security
 Bullet 3 Remote Monitor and Alarm
   Bullet 2 Detect theft, fire, and gas by various sensors
   Bullet 2 Monitor various locations: House- indoor & outdoor areas, factory, office, shops etc

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